About Us

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Hi, we’re Nathan & George.

Friends from Uni, now living in Sydney and London and travelling as much as we can.

Over the years we have done the “classic” gap year, the post-uni blowout, the quarter-life crisis. We’ve been backpacking on a shoestring, dabbled in the mid-range and volunteered in remote towns. We’ve worked in crazy hostels, road tripped, sailed the open ocean, interrailed, emigrated and have still barely scratched the surface.

We have both been there. In at that stage in life feeling stagnant, feeling unfulfilled, feeling there has to be more. We both took the plunge; quit our jobs, packed our bags and left on one-way tickets out of normality. 

Our Journeys

Recently we have taken different paths and different approaches to building the lives we want. After a 12-month trip encompassing the entire Americas George has moved to London. He’s working in the tech startup scene and trying to find out if you can balance travelling and a career into your yearly annual leave and weekends. 

Nathan has flipped that round and following two and half years working in London he relocated to Australia where he is working in the theatre scene. The industry naturally offers breaks that he uses to travel around the country and further afield. Nathan is finding out how to sustain longer travel by combining it with working abroad. If you have ever wanted to apply for the working visa in Australia or New Zealand, Nathan is the man to speak to.

Our aims are to find the balance to travel, to explore and to be fulfilled. Basically we want to have a good time whilst building a life that we love. If this sounds like you then come join us.

Our Aim – Supporting Travellers & Backpackers

We want to try to do something different with this site. Travelling is what we love and if your support helps us to travel more, then we want to support you to travel more. So when we can we are going to be giving away stuff, like paying for your entrance to Machu Picchu, surprising your mate with that bungee jump she has always wanted to do, or upgrading your room so you can avoid the snoring man in the bunk below.